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Conor McGregor gloriously trolled Floyd Mayweather in announcing their much-anticipated fight

Slow clap for Conor McGregor, ladies and gentleman. 
His hotly anticipated fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. was just announced Wednesday evening, but McGregor has already landed the first punch with a glorious troll of the boxing superstar. 
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Here’s how Mayweather announced the fight on social media. Pretty standard stuff, right? 

Now here’s how McGregor announced it. See if you can spot the difference. 

THE FIGHT IS ONpic.twitter.com/KhW0u3jRft
— Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) June 14, 2017

Wait a minute! That’s not Floyd Mayweather Jr., folks — that’s Floyd Mayweather, Sr., the boxer’s father and longtime trainer, who’s

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