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Shared bikes are so popular, they've squeezed humans out of this park

Bicycles have pretty much outnumbered humans in this park in Shenzhen, China.
These pictures emerged after a four-day long weekend in China for the Qing Ming festival.
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Shared bikes were a great option to see the sights around Shenzhen, costing just 0.5 to 1 yuan ($0.07-$0.15) every half hour.
The shared bikes were so popular with visitors at Shenzhen Bay Park, that nearly two-thirds of the park’s boardwalk was clogged with bicycles:

Image: Weibo
Image: Weibo/Mashable Composite
Image: Weibo
Image: WEIBO
Image: WEiboPark managers said that over 300,000 people had visited the park on Apr. 3 alone, and they

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