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The U.S. Navy just made an 'Iron Man' esque helmet for diving

Researchers at the U.S. Navy are creating a diving helmet for the future.
The Iron Man esque helmet — called “DAVD” (Divers Augmented Vision Display) —  is described as “a high-resolution, see-through head-up display (HUD) embedded directly inside of a diving helmet.” 
Divers will be able to have “real-time visual display of everything,” according to the Navy’s news release.
That includes sector sonar (real-time topside view of the diver’s location and dive site), text messages, diagrams, photographs and even augmented reality videos. 

Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD) lead engineer/senior electrical engineer William Hughes III demonstrates the Divers Augmented Vision Display (DVAD) during a lab

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